VC Funding Intros

VC Funding Intros

B2 Group Venture Capital is your source for funding and Venture Capital introductions. We are well connected and active in many funding communities and many of our clients use our services to find them funding or potential funding partners. We are familiar and up to date on the groups that fund in certain verticals and what they are actively working on. Unlike many of the shows you see about the current funding environment, even quality companies have a hard time finding funding. B2 can use our knowledge base and experience in cutting your lead time in finding the right group to fund your company. We are also familiar with the activities these groups expect from you to vet you through their processes. That’s Where Preparation Meets Opportunity!


B2 Funding & VC Services

  • Investor Deck Preparation
  • VC & Angel Connections
  • Vertical Investment Knowledge
  • Funding Introductions
  • EBITDA Analysis and Preparation
  • B2 Funding 101 Classes
  • Valuation and Valuing Your Current Company
  • Access to our Investor Databases
  • Alternative Funding – How to Get This Going
  • Setup with Crowd Source Funding (Kickstarter, FundMe, Etc.)
  • Driving Traffic & Interest to your Funding Campaigns

Spending Money is Easy, Getting it is Hard!