4PL & Logistics

4PL & Logistics

B2 4PL & Logistics specializes in building out and managing our clients supply chain. Logistics are at the heart of every business model in the modern tech era, the right logistics can be the difference between plus or minus 10 points of margin in any business model. We leverage our long established relationships with major distribution to help you reduce your costs for logistics and also super size the reach you gain with customers and potential customers.
That’s Where Preparation Meets Opportunity!


B2 Has a Wide Offering of Logistics & 4PL Services

  • 4PL
  • Distribution Services
  • Integrator Services
  • Resource Assembling Services
  • Planning Capabilities
  • Technology – Build or Source
  • Design, Build, and Run Comprehensive Supply Chain Solutions
  • Gaining Distribution for Your Products
  • Management of Distribution
  • Order Processing
  • Integration of Logistics for Demo Programs
  • Management of the Entire Logistics Process

Logistics are Complex & Costly!


B2 Reduce Cost & Save You Time Managing Your Logistics & Distribution!