Connected Health & Emerging Tech

Connected Health & Emerging Tech

B2 Group mHealth (connected health) & Emerging Technologies takes a systematic approach in helping you our client achieve great results with your sales, marketing, partnership, and channel programs in new or emerging markets. Business models or channels might not yet be developed in these areas or are still developing; we help guide your company in sound strategies, program development, and go-to-market to make sure you are capitalizing on all potential opportunities. B2 helps your organization develop winning business models and channels along with developing the right technologies to make these programs thrive. We help you build out and manage sustainable channels of distribution for your products, solutions, and services and also help you draft partner programs and other channel management programs to help you manage these partners in these developing markets. We create and drive value, shape new business and channels, & design business models & programs that fuel future growth and address new and emerging opportunities, while we help you manage and grow these long term.
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Services Involving Connected Health & Emerging Technologies

  • Go-to-Market Strategies
  • Business Models & Technical Modeling
  • Product Readiness and Product Development
  • Focus Groups
  • Partner Outlining
  • Build, Buy, Merge Analysis
  • Technology Development
  • Up Front Research & Development
  • VC & Funding
  • Patents & IP

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